Sea Wolf was founded by Jim Floerchinger, an experienced coach from the USA. Having coached since 1989 (and professionally since 1994), Jim brings a wealth of experience that is not common in NZ. In addition to his experience, his network of colleagues around the globe ensures that training programmes and game tactics are never stale. Jim founded Sea Wolf as he wanted to offer another option for water polo athletes in Auckland. 



We at Sea Wolf love our sport, this bizarre, often difficult to understand but mesmerising sport is our passion. Our coaches think and discuss it in their free time and our athletes work hard out of the pool to be fully prepared. We have numerous NZ Representatives coming from our club and we expect the trend to continue.



We are all very competitive here at Sea Wolf but we also want the best for our athletes and our sport.  What we want to see is athletes who are able to love the game as much as we do (the coaches and administrators). As athletes 'peak' at different times, we want to encourage everyone to fully develop their skills and enjoy competing (no matter what age and stage they are).


Please note, our priorities are in this order:

1) a healthy and vibrant sport;

2) skilled athletes able to compete with the best; and

3) competitive excellence



The key thing to remember is that while Sea Wolf will participate in competitions around Auckland, New Zealand, and the World, the competition is not Sea Wolf vs. another club; it is Water Polo vs all. other sports. We all work together to offer an attractive sport option for athletes, parents, and supporters. The key competition is for the athlete and improvement of our game to ensure we are keeping people positively engaged in water polo.  


We promote good sportsmanship by athletes, players, coaches and spectators. 



Water polo can only benefit from having more clubs and more athletes positively engaged. To us, it is critical that we keep our athletes involved in order to maintain the health and vitality of the sport.



The main goal with Sea Wolf is to offer top quality instruction - which gives athletes an option to reach their potential and take part in a supportive and strong community.


Water time in Auckland is often a challenge. It is our aim to expand and offer a full club experience as our access to suitable water time grows:


  • we are focused on fundamental skill development and refinement; and

  • we use a variety of styles, coaches, and venues.


We look forward to welcoming you to our club.