Jim Floerchinger

Noble Wolf - Coach

Water Polo has been an integral part of my life, it has taught me the value of friendship and teamwork. All of my solid friendships can be traced back to my time in this sport.


I've been fortunate to travel and live around the world with this great sport, and, it is something that I have, and continue to be, a student of since 1984 when I first showed up to my first high school water polo as a 14-year-old who was too tall and skinny to play gridiron anymore. Though I had also wrestled, I hadn't been a swimmer, so, I had a lot of catching up to do! I did this, and 4 years later, I was part of the team at the US Naval Academy which had a National Rank of 8th in the USA at the time.


In athletes, I look for someone willing to work and be engaged in the process. Bad habits are difficult to break, and, I want someone who will apply themselves in order to ensure that the correct habits are put into place from the start of my work with them.


My inspiration is always those who persevere. It is easy when you've got everything going for you, but, my greatest inspiration is always the stories of people who overcome the odds and put in the consistent effort. 


Olly Gibb

Pack Coach

Olly has coached at a variety of age groups and levels. Olly began his coaching career at St Kentigern Boys School, where he led the boys program. Olly also coached the U16 boys at Marist Water Polo Club, leading them to the National Championship title in 2017. Olly has been the director of water polo at St Cuthbert’s College for 4 years, and has built the program into one of the powerhouse high school girls programs in New Zealand, winning the 2017 New Zealand Secondary Schoolgirls Championships, North Island Championships and Auckland Championship, as well as top 3 finishes in all Senior, Junior and Intermediate age groups for the last 4 years. Olly was the head senior coach at Atlantis Water Polo Club, where he led the U18 girls to top 2 finishes in both Pan Pacific Championships and the U18 Nationals, Olly was also the head coach of the National League Women’s team at the club for two years.  Olly has also been the coach of various New Zealand age group teams; he was head coach of the U17 and U18 New Zealand Girls team for the Interstate Tournaments in Australia in 2017 and 2019. Olly has also been the head coach of the New Zealand Secondary Schoolgirls team for the past two years, as well as the assistant coach for the U20 New Zealand Women’s team which attended the FINA Junior World Championships in Funchal, Portugal.


Olly attended Fresno Pacific University in California for four years, as well as playing for various New Zealand age group teams. Olly has playing experience in both Hungary and Italy, where he played for youth clubs during his playing career. Olly holds two degrees in pre-medical science and law.

Justin Pickering 

Justin brings a wealth of international playing experience and knowledge, and has spent the last 4 years attending San Jose State University playing in the NCAA College System. Justin has had a distinguished playing career, being the leader scorer of his San Jose State Spartans team in 2018. Justin has also had playing success in New Zealand winning the U16 Club Nationals, and gaining medals in the U18 Division for Tauranga Water Polo Club and was a member of our silver medal winning U20 Pan Pacfiic Seawolf Men’s Team in 2016. Justin recently was a member of the New Zealand Water Polo Interclub Championship gold medal winning team for Tauranga Water Polo Club.

Justin has also been a member of the New Zealand Secondary Schoolboys Team from 2015 and 2016, as well as attending the World Youth Men’s Water Polo Championships in Montenegro in 2018.

Justin has had coaching success working as an assistant coach for Rangitoto Premier Boys team, gaining a bronze medal in 2017 New Zealand Secondary Schoolgirls Championships, and more recently as a coach for the U16 Boys program at Tauranga Water Polo Club.

Justin brings an exciting style of play and fantastic leadership to the club. Justin will work on both the mens and women’s side, under the tutelage of our Sea Wolf Head Coach Olly Gibb. "I look forward to contributing to the success of Sea Wolf Water Polo and the development of its athletes. I believe Sea Wolf has the potential to become one of the Water Polo powerhouses in New Zealand across all age groups. I'm looking forward to working with other Sea Wolf coaches to create an environment where everyone sees improvement, has fun, and continues to love the great sport of Water Polo"


Ella Pollock


I played at Mount Maunganui College in the Premier 1 team since I was year 10. At the end of year 13 I was apart of the New Zealand Secondary School Girls team who competed against Australia over a 3 game test series. 

I have been apart of Tauranga Water Polo since U12 playing in various teams. In 2018/2019 I moved to Atlantis to play in their Senior Women’s team. 

I was apart of the New Zealand U18 Women’s team who competed at the 2018 FINA Youth Women’s Water Polo Championships in Belgrade, Serbia as well as the U20 New Zealand Women’s team who competed in the 2019 FINA Junior Women’s Water Polo Championships in Madeira, Portugal. 


Ben Goodwin

Coach - GK Specialist

I started playing Water Polo in 2011 as a year 8 student, I  became a goal keeper soon after. Since then I've played in several NZ representative teams, NZ National Leagues with Marist and Sea Wolf and over in Serbia with PVK Bečej. I've been coaching club and school teams along the way with running specific goal keeping training for 4 years. 

Ben is currently away playing in Serbia.


Mario Sinovcic


I have been actively playing some form of Water Polo since primary school. Although I moved in and out of center forward over the years, it was always the place that I felt most comfortable. After training in the New Zealand national program for a few years, I was able to play Water Polo overseas well. As early as 16, I was playing Water Polo in Europe alongside some very accomplished Croatian and Italian coaches/players. In 2017 I was involved in a Sea Wolf training camp in Serbia where I trained at a high level and gathered an even better understanding of the sport. Above all else, I want to pass on what I have learned to anyone in the younger generation that is dedicated and eager to become a better player.


Jordan Lane


I started playing in year 7, scored only once, and spent the whole summer reliving that goal as motivation. I’d caught the bug. 


I debuted for the King’s Premier Team in year 9, went on to be captain, and represented the country for Born 98s. Highlights of my travels with the sport include training in Italy, and playing for the University of Melbourne at UniGames in Perth. After a rocky start as the world’s slowest driver, I switched to centre-back and learned the importance of playing with your brain. Now, I’m thrilled to be back coaching after some experience during school and at King’s in 2019. My teams will be told that, while the sport is awesome fun, it also requires a lot of hard work – and I cannot wait to watch what comes from striking the right balance.